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Plastic Pipes

Plastic Pipes

Testing of Plastic Pipes
Determination of Dimensions of Plastic Pipes and Fittings AS/NZS 1462.1
Determination of Reversion of Plastic Pipes AS/NZS 1462.4
Determination of Pipe Stiffness AS/NZS 1462.22
Determination of Ring Flexibility AS/NZS 1462.23
Failure of Plastic Pipes

ExcelPlas has tested a range of plastic pipe failures such as:

  • Stress cracking of ABS chilled water pipes (due to solvent cements, lagging adhesives, phthalates from cushioning material)
  • Oxidative cracking of PP-R hot water pipes
  • Cracking of PVC pipes (due to inclusions)
  • Cracking of PE-X hot water pipes

We can provide you with pipe testing services from our NATA approved laboratories. Plastic Testing is one of the key services we provide and you can be confident of the quality and thoroughness of our pipe testing or plastic failure analysis services.



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