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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  • The testing herein is based upon accepted industry practice as well as the test methods listed.


  • Test results reported herein do not apply to samples other than those tested.


  • ExcelPlas neither accepts responsibility for nor makes claim as to the final use and purpose of the material.


  • It is up to the client to validate the suitability of any material recommendations contained in this report by conducting proper product field trials to establish ‘fitness for purpose’ to their satisfaction.


  • We believe the conclusions and recommendations contained in this report were reasonable and appropriate at the time of issue of the report.  However, please note that fundamental input assumptions upon which this report is based may change with time.  It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that input assumptions remain valid.


  • ExcelPlas shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses incurred by the recipient or any other person or entity resulting from the use of any information or interpretation given in this report. The Client shall indemnify ExcelPlas Pty Ltd, its officers, representatives and employees from and against any claims made by third parties against the Client or ExcelPlas Pty Ltd arising from damage claimed to be suffered by those third parties (including without limitation any third party utilising the Results with the Client’s authorisation express or implied) or any other person to whom the Client has made the Results available.


  • This report is based in part on information which was provided to us by the client and/or others.  We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information.


  • ExcelPlas observes and maintains client confidentiality.


  • This report must be read in its entirety.  Please note that this includes all reports and appendices carrying this report number as well as any related report numbers. The Terms and Conditions must also be reproduced with every copy.


  • ExcelPlas limits reproduction of this report, except in full, without prior approval of ExcelPlas.


  • This report is prepared solely for the use of the person or company to whom it is addressed.  No responsibility or liability to any third party is accepted for any damages howsoever arising out of the use of this report by any third party.


  • Unless otherwise negotiated with the client, test samples will be disposed of 90 days after the report has been issued. In the case of large samples (greater than approximately half metre square), the client needs to arrange for sample pick up or disposal (cost will apply to client).


Payment Terms & Conditions

Failure to meet payment terms agreed upon, resulting in an overdue invoice will incur an additional administrative fee applicable following the scope below :
  • For invoices totalling an amount below $ 1,000 (GST Inclusive), the fee will be $ 30 excl. GST per month of arrears.
  • For invoices totalling an amount from $ 1,000 to below $3,000 (GST Inclusive), the fee will be $ 50 excl. GST per month of arrears.
  • For invoices totalling an amount from $ 3,000 to below $5,000 (GST Inclusive), the fee will be $ 80 excl. GST per month of arrears.
This fee covers follow ups and administration costs engaged in recovery of arrears.
Disputes regarding invoiced amounts must be raised within(7) business days following the date of invoice.
ExcelPlas Pty Ltd may temporarily suspend services until full payment is received.
ExcelPlas Pty Ltd Management reserves the right to modify these terms, and the client accepts this liability disclaimer.


ExcelPlas Pty Ltd is dedicated to Customer Service and welcomes your feedback. Please email lab@excelplas.com or visit excelplas.com/contact-us to send us your suggestions or comments.



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