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QC/QA Testing

QC/QA Testing

ExcelPlas undertakes testing to verify that the materials you make or buy comply with your specifications, qualify new lower-cost suppliers, validate changes to your manufacturing processes and more. Companies today often depend on a vast global supply chain for timely delivery of materials to keep production running. As operations implement lean manufacturing techniques, the dependence on quality of incoming materials grows as inventory levels are minimized. The impact of out-of-spec incoming materials or products can be enormous if production operations are halted. The full array of materials testing services provided by ExcelPlas can be used to perform acceptance testing to help companies verify that their incoming materials meet specifications, or to ensure quality of the end product before released to customers. Arrangements can be made for ExcelPlas to conduct testing for suppliers directly, either on a regular basis or with surveillance audits. In addition, The ExcelPlas Lab can also be used to perform qualification testing on new products or processes to ensure that requirements are met before production is begun.



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