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UV Testing

UV testing

Our Capabilities
  • Accelerated weathering testing of polymer and plastic materials and products by using UV exposure chambers.
  • Accelerated life (ageing) testing to show how a material will react to long-term sunlight exposure.
  • Simulating years worth of sunlight in just days.
  • Testing the resistance of polymeric products against environmental impact, weathering, temperature, humidity, and repeated UV moisture exposure.
  • Testing of polymeric materials under specific conditions of heat, UV, and applied stress to determine its critical properties before and after exposure.
  • Testing of plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, adhesives, sealants, and other polymeric materials to UV light to test how they will stand up to years of UV light.

Our laboratories are able to conduct a wide range of standards such as fluorescent exposure of plastics and accelerated weathering by QUV according to the following methods:

ASTM D4329, ASTM D4587, ASTM D7238, ISO 4892, and many more.

For more info check out our dedicated website: https://uvtesting.com.au/

Products We Test

Agricultural Film
Bulk Bags and Woven Textiles
(Colourfast Testing)
Plastic Cases
(Mobile Phones)
Plastic Films
Plastics Housings
Polymer Coatings
Geomembrane (Liners)
Rotomoulded Products
Synthetic Grass
(Artificial Turf)
Stadium Seats
Tensile Bars
Water Tanks
Wire and Cable Insulations
Wood Polymer Composites



274-276 Wickham Road

Highett, VIC

3190, Australia

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